I Love Me Some W.A.P….Just Not Right Now

Confession... I am responsible for the current state of black music - the good, the bad, and the dirty. I own that. And before you crack your lips to ask, “What’s black music,” or to say something corny like, “Music is music. It has no color,” shut up. You know what I’m talking about. If... Continue Reading →

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Your Protest Ain’t Mine…but I understand

“What you call chaos, I call organized noise.” Mayor Keisha went straight black mama on our city last night and I understand her perspective completely. After all, I am a black father of three boys and two girls and Babu to a Bean and a brand new baby boy, with HUGE nuts (take it how... Continue Reading →

Wanting Wakanda

To date, Disney/Marvel’s Black Panther is enjoying its third weekend atop the U.S. box office and world wide box office numbers are approaching $900 million dollars. Moviegoers of all ages and ethnic backgrounds continue to flock to theaters to witness history. But, despite its box office dominance and the many myths its cast and crew... Continue Reading →

Maybe Mo’Nique…

Comedienne Mo’Nique is asking her fans to join her in a boycott of Netflix, citing gender and color bias in contract negotiations between the comedy veteran and the streaming giant. In the eight days since Mo’Nique went public with her proposed boycott, I have engaged in several discussions, with individuals of varying opinions regarding Mo’Nique, her... Continue Reading →

Of Victims and Opportunists

I’m reading and watching the news less of late. In part, because the news is just so depressing, but also because I have made a conscious decision to ignore the near daily releases from Dumb Donald and the Trumpeteers. One thing I have managed to stay abreast of is the growing number of women accusing... Continue Reading →

The Minority Report

I finally understand and it just hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m sitting with my wife, in one of my favorite places, partaking of four of my life’s simple pleasures – eating, drinking coffee, writing, and people watching. This is, by my standards anyway, the beginning of a great day. There’s just one... Continue Reading →

Because I Love You

As a critical thinker, I recognize problems as opportunities for improvement or some form of change. Since societal change doesn't happen without action, I've decided to start a movement among my friends (real and imagined) and family. It's called the #becauseiloveu movement and it's long overdue. We are a passionate people and social media provides... Continue Reading →

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